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The Client

More About Xendurance

Xendurance Europe is a sports nutrition company that was started in the USA in 2006. We were approached by them to create an animation, showcasing their exclusive offer on their Lactic Acid Buffer, as well as explaining how their customers could benefit from it. The main challenge to this project was not only adhering to their brand guidelines but also creating a suite of branded characters to accompany the video.


We began by creating a static storyboard, showing the client each slide and how it would transition to the next.

We also created a suite of bespoke branded characters of various genders and ethnicities, all doing a variety of activities as part of the animation as well.

As well as working with a professional voice over actor to give a bright and bold voice to accompany the video.

Impact on Sales

This unique video allowed the client to not only use the animation on the website but also as part of a social campaign to encourage customers to their website, to promote their product and offer.

It will also allow us to create a series of more animations, for each offer and product the client will have in the future.

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