Word of Mouth Marketing Services


WOM marketing, otherwise known as Word of Mouth marketing is the most effective way to drive new consumers to your brand. Angry Apple delivers WOM marketing campaigns that serve the purpose of converting audiences into long-lasting customers. Undoubtedly, influencers have emerged as the most productive way of spreading your message. However, care must be taken as companies waste up to £6,000 just to identify one high-performing influencer. And that is why we use empirical methods to mitigate the risks of using ineffective influencers that won’t waste your time and money. Our WOM marketing strategies are designed to produce exponential results for organisations.

As high as 74% of consumers cite word of mouth as the most important factor that would influence their purchase decision. Angry Apple excels at executing creative campaigns that provide you with high exposure online and offline utilising the highest performing influencers. Only 7% of word of mouth happens online, therefore, WOM marketing is a very integral part of how we drive successful campaigns. Most of all, we have proved our ability to achieve outstanding results for our clients. As a result, you can count on the WOM marketing professionals at Angry Apple to drive your brand to the top of your industry. We make campaigns that inspire word of mouth amongst consumers.

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