5 Ways to Develop an Online Brand Positioning Strategy

The art of positioning your brand online is built from what you know to be true about your customer. You want your brand to stand out to your target audience by differentiating your brand from competitors. Your company needs to find ways to emotionally connect with your target audience, stay focused and make your service relevant in order to position your business online. 

Check out these five ways to position your brand online.

Establish a Point of Differentiation
What are your company’s unique attributes that set you apart from your competitors? As a part of your marketing and branding strategy, you should know these points of difference in order to attract customers. In order to successfully position your business online, you need to know what values you provide for your clients and candidates that no other brand provides.

Create Thought Provoking Website Content
Websites are designed to catch the attention of potential leads and turn them into hot leads. By creating a website with thought-provoking content, you are generating conversations around your services. Valuable content builds your business’ credibility and drives your target audience to your website, increasing your online brand.

Keywords Matter
Remember to use keywords that your target audience would use to search for your services online. Without the use of proper keywords throughout your content, you end up targeting the wrong audience. You want the right keywords to be picked up for search engine optimization to drive the right target audience back to your website.

Know Where Your Target Audience Is
By thoroughly understanding and defining your target audience through conducting market research for your business, it is then important to be where they are. This means, if your target audience is on Twitter, but not on Facebook, should you still be interacting on Facebook? The answer is no. By accurately identifying your target audience you should only join social networks where your target audience is present in order to save time and money and correctly position your brand online.

Share Valuable Content
One of the main aspects of positioning your brand online is sharing valuable content with your audience. Websites that receive the most traffic are those where the content is constantly changing, being added and improving. Your target audience wants and expects to learn something new each time they visit your website and they view those websites that do so as more valuable. The content you post should always be directed towards your target audience to position your brand online and in the marketplace.

Five Key Takeaways to Positing Your Business Online:

  1. Find what differentiates you from competitors in order to properly position yourself
  2. Always create content that is valuable to your target audience
  3. Use keywords that your target audience would use to search for your services
  4. Know where your target is online and be where they are
  5. Share content through all online resources