5 Reasons to choose WordPress

WordPress and its Principal Benefits

Being selected for managing 48 of top100 world blogs, CMS WordPress is widely used, translated into 40 languages and amazingly popular nowadays. The system is a top-rated CMS, for many reason such as:

  • flexible and easily customisable;
  • easy to use and maintain;
  • open-source;
  • SEO-friendly;
  • constantly improving.

About 75 million sites worldwide are based on the system, making the business owners prosperous and happy. Let’s check the reasons for details.

1, Flexibility and Scalability

WordPress is a perfectly scalable environment. It means that a webmaster can easily increase the website’s capacity, adding hardware or node intersection points. Thus, a WordPress website is easily developed, growing fast and without complex code writing.

Additionally, the environment is rich in the essential elements, such as:

  • themes;
  • modules;
  • plugins;
  • templates.

Many of these files are provided for free, being contributed to the community by numerous talented developers. Using the modern PHP, JavaScript and CSS programming languages, young professionals customize them, following their website creation requirements.

These smart pieces of codes can be changed or complemented, building the special WordPress website’s design and functionality. The pages are created easily, fast, and the programmers’ work is cost-efficient.

2, Versatility and Accessibility

CMS WordPress is suitable for any kind of website, including blogs, news portals, e-shops, corporative pages. For example, it’s the best CMS for landing or one-page sites. Using existing themes, you can create the widest possible functionality that is essential for attracting your loyal and new customers, ensuring the excellent experience for them.

Additionally, everyday users: bloggers, writers or e-shop operators can renew the pages easily, adding new, updated content. No programming skills or special education are required so that every person can solve these tasks easily.

3, Startups and Returns on Investment

Starting a business, the owners commonly handle just a limited budget, being able to hire only the limited number of employees. Thus, only about 3-10 people may work in the office initially, handling everything: finances, resources, and sales.

Wondering why WordPress is best CMS, we realize that it is cost-efficient and intuitive. There is no need to hire experts and professions for the certain tasks solving. Even troubleshooting can be managed by the common employees, for example, a secretary or a website operator.

Meanwhile, a WordPress website is created within a couple of days, and the updates can be made during 10-30 minutes every morning. So, you reach your target audience easily, with only the minimum investments. The traffic will be high, for sure, and you get sales and profit increase shortly.

4, SEO Benefits

The optimisation means that your website is top-rated in the browser or search engine, being listed within the most visited links. It allows you to engage numerous internet users and new customers.

With WordPress you can:

  • use permalinks that consist of keywords;
  • add RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds;
  • create categories;
  • optimize images;
  • pin new posts or articles;
  • create tags;
  • install Google maps.

Readers will subscribe to your feeds, check the catalogs, find the blogs that were updated recently. CMS WordPress automatically checks the title, description, and keywords, meeting the basic SEO requirements, so, a common company employee or a writer meets them, making the website popular.

5, Stability and Safety

WordPress websites are efficiently protected against multifarious cyber threats. They include security plugins that guarantee stability and ease of use. Besides, a lot of user-friendly features are provided unconditionally, for free.

Thus, WordPress is evidently the best CMS now that is amazingly popular, easy-to-use and maintain. The readers also prefer the system due to the websites’ attractive design and increased functionality. It’s the best system for bloggers and writers now, as any better alternative is not available yet.