The importance of your use of keywords for Google ranking

Word variation

The words that you choose to use within your website is key to ranking on Google but also because it makes the text so much easier to read. Using the same word over and over again will become repetitive and boring. This will lead to readers clicking away and the audience decreasing. Therefore, we recommend you use plenty of synonyms and related keywords within any text, making it more interesting for your audience.

Keywords density

Firstly, it is important to use your keywords regularly as this is what most potential customers will be searching for. However, there is no need to over use these words with Google becoming more intelligent and the search engine is now able to understand what the text means, taking this into account whilst ranking the website.

For example, if you search the term “football teams” you’ll get results from Google with content from “football teams” and “football clubs”. Google will be able to understand that these words are both synonyms.


Advantage of synonyms

As previously said Google is becoming smarter and now takes related words into account. It now tries to provide its users with the best results.  As well as this, there will be many users that are looking for the content that you have but use synonyms or related terms of your keywords when searching. Therefore, before you start writing your content think of some synonyms and use them to your advantage.


The words you use are essential, including keywords and synonyms as this is what people are searching for. Choosing the best words is going to increase your chances to rank but also make your content more interesting to read. Therefore, this is an easy way to gain more readers and potential customers.


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