Project: Totally Vapour
Sector: Retail

What We Achieved: 

The Client:

For this SEO case study, we introduce Totally Vapour. Totally Vapour is on and offline retailer within the vape industry based in Birmingham. Supplying over 100’s of vape kits, e-liquids and accessories. Totally Vapour has ambitious growth plans and aims to become the UK’s leading supplier of vape products.


We started working with Totally Vapour in May 2021 after Neil (Director) reached out for guidance on the best way to drive traffic to his newly built e-commerce website.

Due to marketing regulation advertising regulations across Google Ads and Facebook restricting adverting for vape products, we set about implementing a flexible marketing retainer with a key focus on SEO Strategy.


CORE Platform

Using our CORE Marketing Automation platform we collate data and push target email marketing strategy across the database, this is aligned with a targeted and automated Social Media strategy aimed to increase online revenue streams and add value to the business as a whole.


To increase month on month organic traffic for vape products.

What We Did:


Keyword Research

We firstly conducted keywords research related to Neil’s desire to target vape kit products. Data was limited due to the nature of the product, but our discovery led to high volume traffic keywords related to disposable vapes and in particular the brand Elf Bars.

This was to be our starting focus: Target Elf Bar related keywords


Website Page Audit

After developing our list of targeted keywords, we carried out a web page audit of the designated product page. Our technical team then fixed any recommend changes in terms of technical fixes related to load speed and page load optimization.


On Page SEO

From the technical aspects we moved onto look at the on-page aspects in the form of optimising the following:

  • Meta Titles & Descriptions
  • Optimising Images
  • Url Optimisation
  • Internal Links
  • Content

The Proof:

Google Analytics and WooCommerce reports show visually the correlation between increased traffic and revenue. Targeting the keyword “Elf Bar”, we achieved a consistent top 3 position for the search term Elf Bar Flavours. With a search volume of 27K a month, we saw an instead increase in website traffic to the targeted Elf Bar Disposable vape page.

Going forward, we aim to rank Totally Vapour within the top 3 search results for the term “Elf Bar”.

Impact on Business:

Halo Effect – rise in the sale of other products, due to the number of new visitors exploring the website.

Increased sales have allowed Totally Vapour to capture more customer data linking into our CORE Platform CRM, helping to grow email marketing lists. As a result, they are now starting to see an increase in email marketing revenue due to communicating with a more engaged audience (previous buyers being made aware of other relevant products and services).

CORE also has an Automated Social Media calendar which has helped increase brand awareness, followers and revenue.

SEO Case Study - Graph Showing Increase SEO Performance
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