Sales Enablement

Another qualified lead was lost to a competitor because your team forgot to follow up in time…

The marketing team doesn’t understand why you’re not meeting sales goals when they queued up hot leads all month…

Your salespeople are going rogue and each implementing their processes…

And their own messaging…

None of which align or meet expectations.

Sound familiar?

This headache is all too common for sales managers charged with creating and implementing a sales process that consistently delivers results. But how do you outline what actions, specifically, your team should take to close the deal?

The Angry Apple Sales Optimiser ensures every salesperson follows best practices for conversion by automatically creating tasks and actions that move opportunities through the pipeline. This suite of tools is designed to give you control over both the cadence and quality of sales communication in ways never before possible.

A Canvas for Your Sales Masterpiece

  • Getting rid of those headaches starts with designing your ideal sales process in the visual workflow builder, a tool that empowers you to easily outline every step your team needs to take, from opportunity creation to a closed-won sale.

Your sales team now has access to the same powerful automation tools the marketing team uses, so they can convert those hard-earned leads to sales.

Workflows not only allow you to delegate how and when tasks are executed, but you can also automate actions like creating an opportunity and moving a deal to a new pipeline stage. Automatically generate new opportunities based on a hot lead’s engagement with your content, or move an opportunity to a new pipeline stage after they submit a signed contract. Allow automation to fill in the gaps and keep leads engaged without a second thought.

This enables your team to spend less time on the admin work involved in pipeline management so they can focus on what matters – winning deals.

Manage Your Message

Now that you’ve painted your horizon in an opportunity workflow, it’s time to add the little details that seal the deal. When assigning actions in your workflow, you can easily control what emails and media centre assets your salesperson sends out. With every auto-assigned sales task, you can link the specific email template they should send and any content assets relevant to that stage in the buyer’s journey. This makes it easy to align sales communication with the marketing team’s content strategy, so you have ultimate control over the message you want to convey.

Sales Optimizer Task Manager

Don’t worry, there’s still room for your salesperson to add their flair – after all, you can’t automate a personal connection. From the Task Manager, the salesperson will have the option to send a Smart Mail template as-is or go into the email editor and customise it for a particular lead.

Streamline Task Management

Having a more personal touch in your messaging is important for one-to-one engagement, but manually creating this repetitive phone and email task leave too much room for human error. One missed follow-up email or phone call, and a sales-ready opportunity could fall through the cracks. With Sales Optimiser, rest assured that all your leads and opportunities are properly managed with the exact cadence you’ve laid out.

Follow-up tasks are auto-generated and flow seamlessly into every salesperson’s Task Manager. Even better, when leads engage with your website, their tasks float to the top of the list so your team can reach out just in time while your brand is top of mind. Sales Optimiser turns your website into a two-way communicator that’s patched indirectly with your sales team, making prioritization easy and effective.

Capitalise on Hot Lead Engagement

Prioritising who to reach out to is now easier than ever from the Activity Feed with instant visibility into which leads have automated tasks associated with them. Lead owners can see which leads are currently engaging and what they are engaging with, so they can respond accordingly.

If a lead opens an email or engages with your social media, this not only shows up in real-time on the Activity Feed, but it’s also highlighted when the lead owner has a follow-up task. This way it’s easy to time your sales follow-up at pivotal moments in the buyer’s journey.

Keep Your Team Accountable

Powerful new automation features sound great, but how do you make sure everything is going according to plan? Keep your team on track with detailed task reports that provide insight into which automated tasks are being completed or rescheduled during a given time.

Sales Optimizer Task Report

Instantly see if your sales rep sent an email when you assigned a phone call, for example, so you can make sure everyone follows the correct process. You can also identify any holes in your sales plan based on the outcome of automated tasks. Are deals closing on target?

Close More Deals With Sales Optimiser

Designing, implementing and fine-tuning your sales process can be a difficult feat. Make it easier – and more effective – with Sales Optimiser. To see exactly how the power of automation can benefit your bottom line, get a personalised demo and Marketing Review by filling out the form below.

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