Pay Per Click Management


Experience a modern & Measurable Approach to Digital Marketing with our PPC management. Using PPC will allow your products to be seen immediately by your target audience to help drive your profits. With countless ways to customise online adverts and numerous ways to target people, you’ll be sure your adverts are seen in the way you want and shown to who you want.

We take a measured and data-driven approach to our PPC campaigns so you’ll have all the information you need to make informed decisions about your business. Angry Apple’s proven Digital Marketing Services will grow your Business and Increase your websites online exposure.

Discover unique insights and trends about your digital advertising

Keyword Research
Customer-centric close-match keywords are far more likely to drive relevant clicks than wide open broader search terms. You should refine keywords to match the search queries of you prospects closely. This is where keyword research comes in. Any long-tail keyword keyword match is more likely to receive a click due to the relevance of the search query..
Write compelling Ads that match your products closely to keywords that you have selected. This will help keep costs down as users start to click on your Ads. Write two or three ad variations for each Ad Group and let Google serve the most effective from each group..
This is where ROI is important, along with any conversion data that you may have. Look for opportunities to find long-tail keyword clicks that are cheaper to bid on than more competitive keywords. This will help maximise your budget, especially in the early stages as you start to gather more meaningful data.
Keep Improving
Things will start moving very quickly after you launch your first Ad campaign. It’s very important to check daily on any keywords that are not generating the results you are expecting, as you may wish to stop these and use budget elsewhere..