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e-Commerce is here to stay. If people are buying, they’re probably buying online — or they will be eventually. eCommerce is a trillion pound business and growing!

Trust the Experts

Our digital philosophy is simple: we want your brand and products to be represented authentically. We understand your needs, but also your customer’s needs — that’s why our approach to eCommerce marketing actually makes a difference.

Marketing for eCommerce is all about connecting with the right audience through channels that feel true to your business. Rather than focusing on the end goal, it’s about making sure that every interaction and engagement creates a relationship between you and your target audience. It’s all about thinking holistically — and when it comes to conversion rates, this is what really works.

Marketing Automation

Traditional marketing tactics are no longer enough to grow and maintain an online store.

Marketing automation systems like our CORE system make tools that are simple and easy to use. With these creative products, there isn’t any excuse not to give them a try.

Having a high-quality website and a clear brand image is a great start, but now it’s how well you spread your message to existing and potential patients over the long-term that matters most.

Meaningful Results

Only 14% of retail sales in the UK are made through eCommerce. So, there’s still a lot of opportunities out there.

But to make the most of it, you have to connect with consumers — with the right consumers – the ones who are going to lead to sales. One of the biggest challenges for eCommerce marketers is finding ways to connect with the best audience for their brand.

The secret? Use data to gain a competitive advantage and then watch your eCommerce sales soar.

B2B eCommerce

Sell effectively online to your business customers with a B2B eCommerce solution from Angry Apple Media. Utilising our highly evolved trade B2B eCommerce platform, we have worked with market-leading organisations to implement flexible, robust and scalable B2B eCommerce solutions. Red is uniquely placed to tailor a solution that complements your business processes and integrates with your systems infrastructure.


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