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The Client

More About N8 Fitness

N8 Fitness is a Personal Training brand based in Sheffield. Built using WordPress DIVI the site has integrated application which is integrated into a CRM system, This allows form integration, email marketing and data capture along with numerous custom fields for data segmentation.


The logo and branding were also created by Angry Apple.

The Brand

Trying to encapsulate the overall essence of a company is always a challenge when it comes to designing logos. How do you contain the aims and values of an entire business within a single mark? Our passionate designers always find the solution. The N8 Fitness logo simplifies the brand name into a memorable form while maintaining the crucial fundamental elements of the companies ethos.

The colour palette that we designed for our client further defines the N8 Fitness identity. It is suggestive of a results-driven service whilst still being inviting to the target audience.

Website Build

For this website, we used WordPress, which allowed us to easily customise the content management system. This was important for this specific project as it allowed us to present the site and services in a professional clear way; being able to make adjustments, add services, and automatically optimise enquiries.

Mobile Responsive

We ensured this website was mobile responsive, to account for the fact that mobile traffic is now responsible for over 50% of all website traffic. It was important to guarantee a website that focuses on aesthetic as well as functionality could deliver this across all devices.

“I was on the lookout for a website to promote my new business. I had been fully employed for 15 years before going self-employed. To be honest I didn’t really know what I wanted.

I found Angry Apple through Instagram and dropped them a message. I was impressed with how much work they initially did, obtaining information about me, what I was about, who I wanted my target audience to be and how I wanted to promote myself. I hadn’t considered half of what they suggested and put in place for me. 6 months on and the website is the absolute cornerstone of my business. I receive enquiries daily and it is absolutely the key funnel for obtaining new clients.

Highly recommended.

Nathan Brumley

Owner & Founder, N8 Fitness

(43 B)