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The Client

More About MK Elite

MK Elite Coaching are a professional coaching service, ran by power fitness couple Megan Sylvester and Kuba Cielen. With Megan being a former Diver for Team GB, and Kuba being an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder with 10 years of experience as a coach and athlete, it’s no wonder they needed a website to help advertise their services and expertise.


We were entrusted by Kuba to not only design their website for MK Elite, but create 2 additional websites for their own brands, MAS Coaching and Team Kuba. This was by far, one of our largest website builds, to not only create one website but THREE across three different brands, whilst maintaining brand harmony between the three.

Top Level Brand

Trying to encapsulate the overall essence of an existing brand within a website is a challenge, but doing this across three websites, whilst maintaining brand harmony was a task.

However, we achieved this by using a strong colour palette of red, black and white across the three sites, which allowed each site to have its own distinct style but maintaining brand consistency throughout.

We also maintained conformity, by designing each website to be very bold and have an ‘in your face’ attitude, that is often associated with bodybuilding and fitness. Each site made use of assertive and bold messaging, as well as the dynamic design of the branding, which was then brought forward to each site. 



Website Build

For this website, we used WordPress, which allowed us to easily customise the content management system. This was important for this specific project as it allowed us to present the site and services in a professional clear way; being able to make adjustments, add services, and automatically optimise enquiries.

Private Members Area

We were tasked to create a section on the Team Kuba website, to only allow paying customers online access to restricted content and bodybuilding tutorials.

We did this by utilising password encrypted video content, which allowed clients to input a password previously provided to them to gain access to each specific video. 



Check out the MK Elite website!


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Or have a gander at Team Kuba’s website too!