The Client

Matatalab is an international manufacturer of STEM Coding Products. Distributing products to many countries across Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Matatalab provides a range of coding products targeted at both the B2B and B2C markets. Working closely with primary schools throughout the global Matatalab is helping to enhance many children’s learning in a fun, creative and engaging way.

These products are also available to purchase on the consumer market, making learning coding in a fun way available to all the family.


We started work with Matatalab in September 2022, as discovering on each other during an educational event held at the NEC. After a brief conversation, marketing discussions enhanced rapidly following the event as it became clear Matatalab needed support regarding website redesigns, raising their profile within the UK Education sector and implementation worldwide targeted marketing campaigns. 


  • Complete redesign of their WordPress website
  • Refresh their Shopify store
  • Raise awareness of Matatalab to UK Primary Schools. 
  • Digital Marketing Strategy to Launch New VinciBot product into the US
  • Increase Black Friday Sales 
  • Increase sale of Tale-Bot Pro product throughout December. 

What We Did

Website (WordPress)

Their previous website was looking old, contained a lot of outdated content and build mainly using imagery (this isn’t good for search engines looking to read content). We first tasked ourselves to work closely with their marketing team to help get a feel for their brand and the identity they were looking to create from the new website. Protecting brand identity was key due to their current international presence. Our web developer worked to develop web page concepts, aligned with their current brand guidelines in terms of colour, front and visuals to create a more modern, sleek-looking website. Our marketing team worked with our corresponding colleagues in Hong Honk to develop a unique user experience designed to benefit both educational and consumer website visitors. 

Website (Shopify)

The Shopify store was also in need of a refresh and a more structured approach to help improve the sales conversion rate. Web pages and particularly the product pages were built predominately built using imagery. Even though looking aesthetically pleasing, this wasn’t the best practice for user experience and search engine optimisation, something we needed to change. 

Our web developer created a new clean fresh looking to website, incorporating the brand guides from the WordPress website, keeping with brand continuity. Working a long side our Digital Marketing Manager we restructured the website to help users to find the latest products and checkout more easily. 

Email Marketing Campaign

Matatalab wanted to increase its brand awareness within English Primary Schools, informing them of the available pilot program. After brief discussions, it was agreed to create a free activity resource to support primary school teachers in their delivery of National Coding Week. 

Working in collaboration with Go-Propeller an educational marketing agency in London, a 19-page Activity Page was created. The pack was designed to introduce coding to primary school children at an easy-to-understand level and provide fun exciting activities which they could complete in class. The pack also included information on Matatalab Pilot Program, as a further educational scheme in which schools can participate.

Following the completion of the Coding Pack, the Angry Apple team designed and implemented an email marketing strategy, consisting of a sequence of 4 marketing emails. Firstly, introduce Matatalab before sending out the coding pack with a reminder email and then a follow-up promoting the pilot program. 

The Results – After targeting 10,000 UK primary schools, 1,183 schools downloaded the coding pack a conversion rate of 11.83%. We also saw 2 schools enquire about the pilot program. More recently an enquiry has been received from a UK University regarding using Matatalalb in their Education degree courses. 

Current Active Marketing Campaigns

Angry Apple Media are currently involved in the planning, implementation, and reporting of the following campaign:

VinciBot Product Launch

Black Friday Sales

TaleBot Pro Xmas Promotion.

 For each campaign, a strategy was created by Angry Apple with the objectives set by Matatalab. As a team, we looked at desired audiences, available budget, product messaging, and channel section before creating and then presenting to the marketing team at Matatalab.

Once sign-off was achieved it was handed to pump in creating the content and campaign set up across the following channels; Email Marketing, Social Media Organic and Paid, and Google Ads.


We are currently in the recording and optimisation phrase as we look forward to seeing the overall results.