Local SEO

Local SEO Is About Bringing Customers Through Your Doors

When you’re looking for a local restaurant for that special occasion, or a new gym to start getting fit for summer, or even find someone to come out and fix your computer, how do you do it? You pick up your phone and start searching. Your customers are doing the same. They are looking for local companies like yours, and they are going online to find them.

Having a strong local SEO strategy in place is going to help get your business found with those “near me” searches.

Reasons Why Local SEO Services Can Help You Attract New Customers

Local SEO puts you in front of customers exactly when they are searching for a business like yours

Traditional broadcast advertising (newspaper, magazine, radio) in not targeted and wastes a large percentage of your effective budget. Local SEO is highly focussed on the right customers who are searching for companies nearby. This means you can easily position your business to appear in search results which will appear at a time when they need you and are looking for a solution.

Relevant search results offer the best chance of converting searches into enquires


Local business directories (Yell, Yelp, thomsonlocal) often rank highly in search engine results. If you can get your business listed in these directories you have a very high chance of converting customers that search for you online. It’s a great way to dominate lots high ranking search results for your business or service.

Local customers are using mobile to search the internet for nearby businesses


Mobile search is rapidly increasing as our smart phones become more sophisticated. The rise of Alexa and Siri, are also changing the search landscape to voice activated commands. Alexa find me:

“A wedding cake designer in Birmingham”

“An emergency plumber near me”

Google is prioritising local companies who are mobile optimised to show for these types of searches.

Many Local SEO directories are free, so make use of these to advertise locally


Most local business directories are currently free to list. This includes Google My Business. Listing in these free directories is without doubt the biggest local SEO win that you could bring to your business.

According to the Local Marketing Institute only 44% of local retailers have claimed their Google My Business listing, so get in there ahead of your competitors.

How does Local SEO work?

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