Lighthouse Vending

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The Client

More About Lighthouse Vending

Lighthouse Vending is a vending specialist, they came to us for help improving their existing website, host and update their I.T infrastructure create digital marketing assets, online branding materials, automate their overall digital marketing strategy and grow their digital presence.

The Website

We designed the ighthouse Vending website in several staging phases, improving on both the cosmetic design and user performance ideas until the design was signed off, we then built the new site in WordPress.

Following the completion of these initial improvements. We added video across the site pages, product and service pages for optimisation and usability, and showcased unique branding and product design Lighthouse have.


The website is an online shop developed in WooCommerce. The site is packed with great features such as an advanced search facility, automated stock synchronisation with the stores’ inventory software and super simple product filtering.

Digital Marketing

In order to create an automated marketing plan, we collated Lighthouse Vendings existing contacts and segmented them into specific lists using our CORE marketing system. Segmenting these contacts has allowed us to run targeted email campaigns to prospects and visitors.

CORE is fully Integrated with the website, giving us specific performance reports on our marketing efforts and the collection of data through forms. A number of forms were implemented across the website, meaning we can add contacts is segmented lists automatically based on the interest of the website visitor.

CORE also has a fully functional content calendar which allowed us to schedule automated social media posts and emails. CORE is a powerful marketing automation and sales tool for the brand and will play a significant part in future sales and marketing plans now and in the future.

“Extremely happy with the outcome and the results have been fantastic. The team at Angry Apple is hard working, approachable and know what they are doing. Highly recommended”

Laurentt Davies

CEO, Lighthouse Vending

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