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The Client


The Horn Trust work with people in the Horn of Africa to tackle poverty and the effects of the climate crisis by growing trees, improving people’s incomes, restoring and protecting land. Led by local people, our projects make sure trees thrive so they can provide food and incomes for today, as well as protect the environment for tomorrow.

The Website

The overall design of the website had to be bring out the emotion behind the charity and the amazing work they do, the website had to clearly demostrate the work the charity does and tick all the boxes for funding bodies that have been approached, we had to ensure that the website reflected this. 

To do this, we kept the overall design of the website simple with powerful and moving imagery, with a very earthy colour palette, to allow the charity’s key services to be the main focus for the customers.

WooCommerce with Donations

The website is an online shop developed in WooCommerce to allow for fund raising and donations. The site is packed with great features such as an integration with PayPal Donations and GIVE, which allows users to easily donate and the Horn Trust to market donation links easily online.

The Rebrand

Horn Trust came to us with a need to create an improved brand, a new modern website, and provide ongoing website support.

Our designers worked closely with the client to establish the identity for their new branding. The brand itself needed to be unique and powerful to reflect the important work done by the charity. It needed to portray the company in a unique way and give them a unique identity.

Social Media

To accommodate the rebrand, we also designed some social media templates and guidelines for the client, which covered logo usage, colour pallets and fonts, to help maintain brand harmony when applied to various platforms. 


Angry Apple had a huge impact on our charity. They improved our brand, website and social media. They added so much content to show people what we do, our development, and what we do now.


Chairman, Horn Trust

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