Healthcare Marketing

Our experience developing innovative digital marketing solutions for the healthcare sector spans across 13 years of experience. As one of the fastest-growing healthcare digital marketing agencies in the UK, we are experts in developing successful and meaningful healthcare strategies for private Consultants, dental and Clinics.

For Healthcare Companies

From a private local dental surgery, cosmetic clinic to private hospitals, we work closely with healthcare organisations to understand their needs and deliver highly-tailored digital marketing campaigns backed up with software solutions that work!


Give your healthcare company a competitive edge with Angry Apple Media.

For Private Consultants

Having worked closely with many private healthcare Consultants we specialise in maximising your practice and helping you promote yourself in an ever-changing environment.

From delivering high-quality websites that reflect your practice to data management and form integration, we can help.

Patient CRM

Our Patient CRM software makes it possible for healthcare providers and hospitals to securely connect and communicate with patients online.

With our CORE system, your patients can fill out important intake and insurance forms as well as recovery scoring forms and feedback.

Our system also provides gateways for bill payment services.

Looking for other innovative software to manage your medical practice, hospital, clinic or dentist? Get in touch today!

Marketing Automation in Healthcare

Traditional marketing tactics are no longer enough to grow and maintain a business as a healthcare professional.

Marketing automation systems like our CORE system make tools that are simple and easy to use. With these creative products, there isn’t any excuse not to give them a try.

Having a high-quality website and a clear brand image is a great start, but now it’s how well you spread your message to existing and potential patients over the long-term that matters most.

Patient Recovery App

Our app is specially designed for your patients. It contains information created or approved by your staff & surgeons, so your patients get the best out of your treatment and recovery process.


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