Glenn Group

Graphic Design, Corporate Design

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The Client

Glenn Cleaning and Support Services is a substantial cleaning company providing a high standard of professional and commercial cleaning and support services in Bedford, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Northampton, London and other parts of the UK.

The Design

The decision was made to produce a new updated editable proposal document which would showcase what Glenn Group do best.

The final document (a 110-page A4 proposal document) featuring client case studies and imagery reinforcing Glenn Groups’ well-established credibility – all supported by modern, fresh, corporate design.

Angry Apple Design

Our design service has produced corporate marketing and sales literature that creates excitement, invitations that build anticipation and reports that convey essential information alongside stunning visuals. We have helped hundreds of clients communicate effectively and creatively using our brochure designs for print and PDFs. From simple A5 flyers and glossy marketing brochures to perfect bound 100-page hard-backed books, and everything in between – you name it, we’ve designed it.

“I am thrilled to provide this testimonial for Angry Apple Media and the outstanding job they did for GLENN Cleaning & Support Services. From start to finish, their services were nothing short of exceptional, and I am immensely grateful for their expertise and professionalism.

When we approached Angry Apple Media to revamp our proposal, we were in need of a fresh and compelling approach to our marketing strategy. Right from the beginning, they took the time to understand our business, our goals, and our target audience. Their attention to detail was impeccable, and they meticulously analyzed every aspect of our proposal to ensure it aligned with our objectives.

What truly sets Angry Apple Media apart is their commitment to excellence. They went above and beyond to deliver a truly first-rate job. Their team of experts crafted a new proposal that exceeded our expectations. It was clear that they had invested time and effort into researching our industry, competitors, and market trends. The result was a highly detailed, engaging, and persuasive proposal that showcased the unique value proposition of GLENN.

However, their contribution did not stop there. Angry Apple Media also offered valuable professional advice on various aspects of our marketing strategy. They shared their insights on branding, messaging, and positioning, helping us refine our overall marketing approach. Their guidance was invaluable, and we could see a noticeable improvement in our marketing efforts thanks to their expertise. 

Throughout the entire process, Angry Apple Media maintained clear and timely communication. They were responsive to our inquiries, receptive to feedback, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction. It was evident that they genuinely cared about our success and were fully committed to helping us achieve our goals.

In conclusion, I cannot recommend Angry Apple Media highly enough. Their exceptional work, attention to detail, and professional advice have had a significant impact on our business. Thanks to their expertise, our revamped proposal has already garnered positive attention and I am sure will be instrumental in helping us secure new clients. If you are seeking a partner who will deliver outstanding results and elevate your marketing efforts to new heights, Angry Apple Media is the perfect choice..”

Seyi Onadeko

Sales and Marketing Manager, Glenn Cleaning & Support Services Ltd