Free KEYWORD& Competitor Analysis

How well do you perform against your competitors online?

We can find that out for you with a brief competitor analysis. We’ll tell you where you’re performing well and also where your competitors are performing better than you. More importantly, we can tell you how and why!

FREE expert analysis

The analysis will be carried out by one of our Digital Marketing Experts, No automation tools churned out through a system, a genuine human expert who has manually looked at all the elements of your digital marketing.

We’ll take a deep dive into your keyword rankings, website build and performance, social media engagement, systems and anything else we uncover and help you understand where you stand against your competition – in Google’s eyes and the eyes of your buyers.

Just fill out the form below, indicating your three main competitors and we’ll crack on!

Provide a list of 10 keywords or phrases that you would like to rank well for on Google (tip: don’t include branded terms). If you cant get 10, don’t worry we will add some in.

Results will take a couple of days to come through and you’ll have the option for us to collect data for the following 4 weeks to build up a better picture at no cost.

Why is this free?

Angry Apple is a people’s business, so for us, this is an opportunity to introduce ourselves and our services. What you will gain from this will be valuable to your Digital Marketing journey and, at the same time demonstrate what we could achieve together. But, if all you would like is a brief report and then move on, we will be happy we have at the very least helped your business move forward a little online.

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