Benefits of marketing automation blog part 3

What Is Marketing Automation? 

Marketing automation is using software to automate certain aspects of your marketing like scheduling social media posts or creating email campaigns. The purpose of marketing automation is to reduce your workload, like an assistant. This comes with multiple benefits like boosting productivity and saving time. In part 3 of this marketing automation blog series, we’ll go into the many benefits of marketing automation.

Did you know? 40% of companies not using marketing automation intend to use it soon.

Benefits Of Marketing Automation:


1. Saves Time
Throughout this blog series, we’ve talked about how marketing automation saves time. By automating repetitive tasks like emailing every time someone subscribes, we can focus our attention on other tasks that require more human intervention. As a business, time is a priceless resource that having more of can massively impact your business depending on how you use it.

2. Boosts Productivity
By not having to do repetitive, menial tasks manually, marketing automation can boost productivity. Repetition can create boredom, which decreases productivity and creativity. By removing the repetition and having the menial tasks be automated, you don’t get bored and thus, your productivity and creativity is boosted.

3. Stronger Relationships
By nurturing leads and delivering personalised experiences, we establish trust and credibility with our customers. Automation tools help us stay connected with our audience throughout their customer journey, providing relevant content and offers that align with their interests and needs. This consistent engagement fosters loyalty and encourages repeat business.

4. Reporting
With marketing automation, we have the power to track and measure how effective our marketing efforts are. By integrating advanced analytics tools into our automation platform, we can keep a close eye on important metrics in. We can easily monitor email open rates, click-through rates, website traffic, conversion rates, and more. These insights give us a clear picture of how our marketing campaigns are performing and knowing this, we can make smart, data-driven decisions to fine-tune our strategies for better results.

5. Grows With You

Marketing automation grows with you. As your business grows, marketing automation allows you to handle larger amounts of leads and customers without compromising quality. We can scale our campaigns easily, ensuring that every customer receives the attention and engagement they deserve.

Final Thoughts:

Marketing automation offers multiple benefits, all of which would propel your business forward. If you’re looking to save time or centralise your customer data, there’s very little reason to not have marketing automation software. As we mentioned in part 2, about 75% of business are already using marketing automation and roughly 40% of those who don’t have it, intend to soon. Not having marketing automation puts you and your business at risk of falling behind the competition.

Thank you for joining us on this blog series!

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