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What Is Bing And What Is Google?

Bing and Google are two prominent search engines with distinct features and histories. Bing is renowned for its visually appealing homepage, which showcases high-quality images. It was created in 2009, succeeding Microsoft’s earlier search engines like MSN Search. Bing aims to provide users with a comprehensive search experience, offering a range of services beyond basic web searches, such as image and video searches, news aggregation, and maps. Microsoft’s integration of Bing with its other products like Windows and Microsoft Office has given it a notable presence.

On the other hand, Google, created in 1998, is the most widely used search engine. Google’s search algorithm is known for its accuracy and efficiency, delivering relevant search results swiftly. The company has expanded beyond web search to provide a multitude of services, including Gmail, Google Maps, and YouTube. It is also renowned for its advertising platform, Google Ads, which generates substantial revenue.

Both search engines have complex algorithms to rank web pages, but they differ in their approaches. Google’s search algorithm primarily considers the number and quality of links to a webpage when determining its ranking, while Bing focuses on other factors like page content and social signals. In part 2 of this 3-part blog series, we’ll be talking about what advantages Bing has over the market leader, Google.

Did you know? Bing is used by more than 1.1 billion people every month and after the release of Bing Chat, it reached 100 million daily users!

Bing Vs Google

Bing is a strong contender in the search engine market, offering specific advantages over its competitor, Google. While Google retains the majority market share, Bing has created a niche for itself and gained a following, allowing it to currently be the 2nd most used search engine in the world.

Visual Appeal

One advantage of Bing is its visual appeal. When you open the Bing homepage, you’re greeted with daily background images, paired with interesting trivia and facts. This aesthetic appeal sets Bing apart from Google, whose homepage is notoriously minimalistic. Bing creates a more engaging and visually stimulating user experience, making it an great choice if you appreciate aesthetics.


Another significant advantage of Bing is its integration with Microsoft’s suite of tools, like Office 365. Bing integrates with these tools, making it easier for people to access relevant information and resources. For example, someone working on a Word document can easily search for related information using Bing without leaving the document. This enhances productivity, especially for people invested in Microsoft’s suite.

User Privacy

If you’re wary about privacy, you can find comfort in Bing’s commitment to data protection. While Google is known for its data collection practices, Bing places a stronger emphasis on user privacy. Microsoft has a history of advocating for user data rights and implementing privacy measures. This makes Bing a good choice if you’re concerned about your online privacy

Microsoft Rewards

Additionally, Bing has a rewards program, known as Microsoft Rewards. It’s a unique feature that sets it apart from Google. You can earn points for using Bing, which can be redeemed for rewards, including gift cards. This program provides an extra layer of motivation for users to choose Bing as their preferred search engine, offering tangible benefits for using Bing.

Travel Planning

Bing also excels at travel planning due to Its integration with Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana. This allows you to plan trips and book flights/hotels directly from search results. The “Explore Destinations” feature provides in-depth information about travel destinations, making it a valuable tool for people who like to travel. Bing’s travel planning capabilities simplify the research and booking process, offering a more convenient experience compared to Google.


Final Thoughts

While Google retains majority market share in the search engine industry, Bing offers multiple advantages that make it a great choice for people with specific preferences. Its visual appeal, Microsoft integration, commitment to user privacy, rewards program, and travel planning features all contribute to why you may want to use Bing over Google.


Tune in next week for Part 3: “Bings AI Progress: The New Bing”!

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