CORE CRM Features

CORE can be a great solution for both marketing automation and CRM.  The combination of marketing automation and CRM in a single platform has many advantages.

CORE CRM provides a simple, seamless experience, with no data transferred between the two systems. Many extra features are unavailable from using two separate systems. Smart Mails, for example, require both platforms. Smart Mails are one-off emails that can be sent by salespeople from the CORE CRM. Smart Mails are tracked on the Life of the Lead like emails that come from automated marketing. Smart Mails can also be scheduled to go out at a later time. 

In addition, CORE CRM notifies you when leads return to a site. This allows salespeople to click a checkbox on the lead page and receive an email or text message when important leads they are working with come back to their website. This feature puts the power of marketing automation into the hands of a salesperson and helps them close the deal.   

Creating Opportunities

An opportunity is a sale or pending deal you want to track.

In CORE, you can create an opportunity from a contact in the Contact Manager.

In the Sales tab, the Opps Won feature shows all opportunities that have been won, the monetary values involved, and the times taken to close.

The feature also allows for viewing all open opportunities, viewing lost opportunities, and exporting completed opportunities as a report to a file.

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Custom Pipelines and Stages

Pipeline Stages are the steps used to track the progress of an opportunity from the beginning to the end of the sales cycle.

These Pipeline Stages are completely customisable. The number, order, name, default probability, and description of the stages can be anything that fits your business needs.

Visual Pipelines

In CORE, the Pipeline feature is the feature that tracks sales opportunities from start to finish. The Pipeline shows at a glance all active or ongoing opportunities, as well as their current status in a sales flow.

The Pipeline also shows all available qualified leads, and it provides a means to view completed opportunities.

CORE uses a visual pipeline to display the opportunities in deal stages. Deal stages are displayed as columns in the CRM, while the opportunities are individual cards in the columns.

You can quickly drag-and-drop opportunity cards from one deal stage column to another across the sales process. The expected value and percentage to close will automatically update, depending on the deal stage the opportunity is moved to.

Use the search bar at the top to search for or primary contacts, opportunity names and qualified leads in the sales pipeline

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CRM Reports

The Reports feature provides an overall report on the opportunities listed during a given timeframe. The report can then be filtered by individual pipelines, sales representatives, products, campaigns, and opportunity tags.

The feature breaks down opportunities at various stages in the Sales Pipeline. The Reports feature shows monetary values for applicable opportunities, conversion rates, and lost sales.

The CRM enables you to create seven different types of reports:

  • Conversion Analysis
  • Pipeline Value
  • Opportunity Health Report
  • Sales Performance
  • Won/Lost Report
  • Activity
  • Follow-up

These reports show how well sales representatives are performing in relation to one another. You can apply filters to each report to evaluate the performance of a specific salesperson or your sales team as a whole. Reports can be exported.


Stay organised with accounts to keep track of employees, opportunities, and notes at companies.

The Accounts feature displays all available sales accounts, as well as the opportunities and contacts that are attributed to them.

This feature also shows when the accounts were added, and who added the accounts. The Accounts feature also provides a way to export all available accounts to a file.

CORE will suggest adding contacts from the Contact Manager with the same email domain to accounts to maintain employees’ information at the company.

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Enjoy all of the benefits of a fully-featured CRM, including custom deal stages, an easy-to-understand pipeline, multiple types of CRM reports—and so much more.

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