Complete Digital Marketing

Designed for startups and local businesses


Have you noticed how most advice and case studies of marketing in books and blogs, focuses on the Big Brands with their Big Budgets? Here at Angry Apple, we believe every business can learn from these brands, but it’s a very different world for small businesses where budget is limited and every penny of investment matters.

Angry Apple will cover all the digital marketing activities you need to grow a small business or startup using online tools. We start by showing you what needs to go into a digital marketing plan and then how to build an effective marketing website and drive traffic to it. We will also help you to use tools like Google Analytics to measure how well the site is working for you and then optimise it to convert more visitors to leads and sales.


Our packages packed full of specific tasks you need to get the most from digital marketing. We will work closely alongside you to implement a full range of online marketing activities to help you ‘Plan, Manage and Optimise’ your digital marketing. Not only will we be there to support you, but you will also learn how to:

  • Reach new prospects and customers by making your business more visible using key digital media channels and the options available within each.
  • Use content marketing to beat the competition in Google (SEO)
  • Convert more visitors to sale by improving your website and mobile marketing
  • Encourage customers to share your brand and content to reach more customers
  • Review different online revenue models – particularly relevant for online startups

Angry Apple will be an extension to your company, providing a ‘one-stop’ service to build on all the main strategies needed to improve how you market your business online. For example, we will support managers and business owners with the tools and knowledge for getting better results from Search engine optimisation, Google AdWords, display advertising, email marketing, social media, and conversion rate optimisation…. to name a few!

How are the retainers structured?

Our monthly retainers are structured using a Planning framework to give a simple structure to implement your strategy. The starting point is an initial digital strategy planning phase. Many businesses miss this, but it’s essential as a foundation to make the most of the opportunities to reach your audience and target them effectively online.


PLAN: What are the essentials of your digital strategy?

REACH: Boost site traffic with these success factors for SEO, Social Media, and Paid Advertising

ACT: How to use content marketing to boost leads

CONVERT: How to design your site to increase sales

ENGAGE: Success factors for gaining repeat business online

Who is this package for?

Who is this package for? These packages are for you if you’re looking to set up or expand a new or small business using the power of affordable digital marketing.

You will be responsible for digital marketing as:

  • Owner, manager or director of the business
  • Marketing or digital marketing manager of the businesses
  • Other directors in and SME/SMB for whom marketing is not your main role, e.g. Financial Director, Operations director


If you’re not online yet, don’t worry, we can assist with:

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Website
  • Google My Busines setup
  • Email Address
  • Sales & Marketing System (CRM)
  • Social Media Setup
  • Data & Leads
  • Reporting & Tracking