AI Retargeting

Boost your campaign performance with cookie-free ads that retargets users based on their real-time intent


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How it works

1. Add in seconds

Add Pathmonk Retargeting to your website with our plug-and-play solution. Our engine will automatically start compiling data to understand each user’s behaviour and build intention models.

2. Analyse in real time

Our technology analyses your users as they interact with your website, identifying their actions and patterns. This allows us to predict your visitors’ most likely next step based on our AI models.

3. Personalize retargeting ads

Serve relevant personalised ads across all advertising platforms that match your users’ intent. Delight your visitors and influence them to complete your goal, whether that is to purchase, book a time, and so on.

4. Sit back & get conversions

We focus on getting more conversions and revenue from your ads while you save time and resources to work more efficiently on your Marketing strategy.

Website analytics that actually speaks your language

Retarget confidently without third-party data

Comply with changing privacy regulations in advertising

by making the most of your first party data.

· Privacy-safe advertisement
· Fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, CPRA
· No tracking codes needed

Boost your ads' ROI with intent data

Deliver the right ad at the right moment for retention, activation, and re-engagement at scale.

· Unique customer segments
· Hyper-relevant personalized ad content
· Prove your campaigns effectiveness

Offer a seamless experience across all platforms

Deliver relevant and consistent campaign messages across multiple connected channels, including

Google, Meta, LinkedIn, and others.

· 360º integration across all platforms
· Omnichannel ad targeting approach
· Optimized ad spend per channel

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