Online Brand Positioning

About Angry Apple

Angry Apple Media was established in 2019 – by Paul Wilcock & Karl Clark off the back of 15 years of digital and event marketing experience.

From the start, we wanted to end the frustrations that brands face when working with digital marketing agencies and create something different, that’s why Angry Apple Media was formed. Our business is agile, performance-driven, and built around the integration of our team, with yours.

We work in true partnership with our clients, enabling us to create campaigns and commercial returns that make a real difference.

We target Innovative businesses with great ideas who want to work closely with a Digital Partner and grow through exceptional search marketing.

The Journey So far

Angry Apple now has a growing reputation for delivering measurable results and great customer service. We help our clients get more customers from search marketing, gaining praise for our work along the way.

Buyer habits have changed and is now dominated by digital channels. The most successful organisations will be those that succeed in developing digital marketing as a core part of their business.

What We do

Angry Apple provides search advertising and SEO services to clients across the UK and abroad. We also have certified experts in Google Adwords (PPC) and Website Development.

We pride ourselves on delivering top-quality results that are based on proven techniques and certified up-to-date knowledge of search marketing practices. We are an agency that gets results with case studies and credentials to back it up.

Our mission is to help you understand, and maximise your online potential. Our expert team of online marketers can help you get more out of your digital assets.



With an open-minded approach that can embrace change.


To customers, our team, and the business.


About the search marketing industry and the results we deliver for clients.


To achieve results, and continually improve standards.


To Purposefully deliver what we promise.